Remote user testing of online task-based application


To identify needs and issues with core purpose of the app and 4 other priority areas of concern. This was before first version launch on limited time and budget. Farming industry.


Moderated remote user testing.


  • Stakeholder interviews with product team as well as a product walk-through.
  • Recruited and ran remote testing with priority users relevant to first release and testing goals.
  • Created and led workshop to collaboratively analyse and prioritise results.
  • Provided results report with recommendations and next steps.


  • Remote testing kept cost and time down, otherwise taken up by travel.
  • Enabled client to make design decisions based on actual usability and user’s needs.
  • 21 prioritised issues identified before development time spent.

Workshop with product team to analyse and prioritise results

Sample report slide showing a few results

Report slide showing user demographics